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Tuskegee University Engineers Alumni Association
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Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Member Benefits

All School of Engineering graduates are highly encouraged to join and take an active role in TUEAA. Active participation in the organization represents the best opportunity to ensure that (1) your voice is heard and (2) that programs and scholarships are administered in a manner consistent with your desires.

Becoming a member of TUEAA can benefit you, the Tuskegee University School of Engineering graduate by:

  1. Provides you with a structure and powerful avenue to give back to the university that equipped you to be successful in a competitive workplace. Through scholarship and special project contributions, you will assist needy and deserving student with valuable financial, infrastructure and tools required to achieve their degree. As our membership grows, it enables TUEAA to have a much greater impact in the School of Engineering and University matters.

  2. Enabling the association with other engineers in your own discipline. As a member of one of the Departmental Alumni Organization (DAO) you can participate in valuable tutoring / mentoring programs design to improve the academic accomplish of engineering students. In addition all members are asked to explore avenues to enable the acquisition of special tools needed with their DOA to meet special departmental needs.

  3. Through association with other engineers that are in the workplace, you may discover other career opportunities and avenues to improve your current career. The ability to discuss workplace directions, engineering methodologies, job opportunities, and many other subjects with like minded and focus individuals with whom you share a common bond is invaluable.

  4. Providing the opportunity to renew former acquaintances. Meeting old classmates and friend to discuss “back when, where you are now, and where you are going” is part of human nature that makes us who we are today. Through activity participation in TUEAA you will have a better opportunity to connect and benefit from fellow engineers.

These are but a few benefits that you may derive from becoming a member of TUEAA. Join now and start making a difference.