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Tuskegee University Engineers Alumni Association
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Mission Statement:


The Tuskegee University Engineers Alumni Association (TUEAA) is an organization representing graduates of all Tuskegee University School of Engineering disciplines. TUEAA, in partnership with the School of Engineering Faculty, will assist the School of Engineering in achieving its goal of academic excellence by:

  • Supporting key facility and infrastructure needs.
  • Improving overall academic proficiency of its students 
  • Providing scholarship funding to deserving students
  • Improving career opportunities for Engineering graduates

  • Legacy of Giving Campaign


    We need your help!!!  This is your chance and now is your time to make a difference!  Do it now!  Don't delay!



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    Tuskegee University Engineering Alumni Association
    Legacy of Giving Campaign



    March 4, 2015

    To:          Tuskegee University Engineering Alumni

    Re:         TUEAA Endowed Engineering Scholarship Fund


    Dear Tuskegee University Engineering Alumni:


    This provides an update on our TUEAA Endowed Scholarship Fund, and encourages your continued contributions to this critical initiative.


    Due to your generous contributions, our Fiscal Year 2014 ending balance was $424,136 and we have scholarship awards totaling over $8,700 for the current school year.  While this is significant progress, our goal of $1,000,000 by July 2015 is still a tremendous challenge.


    As proud alumni of Tuskegee’s School of Engineering, I believe you will be excited about an opportunity to help continue the School’s tradition as a leading provider of exceptional engineering talent. TUEAA has created an opportunity for us to establish a perpetual “Legacy of Giving”. This opportunity is provided through the TUEAA Endowed Engineering Scholarship Fund, which was created to award scholarships to eligible Tuskegee engineering students.


    Sir Winston Churchill once said; “we make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” This quote is most appropriate for those of us who are fortunate enough to be among the distinguished Tuskegee engineering alumni. Our Tuskegee engineering education has surely enabled us to make good livings. As a result, we can enable others to follow in our footsteps by giving back to Mother Tuskegee through the TUEAA Endowed Scholarship Fund.


    While we understand the immense challenge of reaching our July 2015 goal, we also understand the critical need for these financial resources in helping Tuskegee continue its traditional leading role in attracting and graduating exceptional engineering talent. We are confident that the lessons we learned, while overcoming what sometimes appeared to be insurmountable challenges during our time at Tuskegee, will enable our success in this endeavor.


    We invite, and encourage, you to join in this “Legacy of Giving”, by making financial contributions to the scholarship fund. Your contributions are vital to our success. Please see the attached information sheet for details on how to contribute.


    We unveiled our “TUEAA Wall of Legacy Donors” in the College of Engineering at our 2012 annual meeting, and the number of donors reaching the $1,000 minimum donor limit has grown tremendously since then. We are currently revising the wall to reflect three categories of donors - $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000. We expect the revised wall to be complete and displayed before the end of this school year.


    I know we can count on you to support the TUEAA Legacy of Giving initiative, and help continue the Tuskegee tradition of attracting and graduating exceptional engineering talent.



    With Sincere Thanks,

    Paul Jones

    Endowed Scholarship Coordinator



    TUEAA Legacy of Giving Campaign Pledge Form

    For additional details, please contact:
    Paul Jones
    Endowed Scholarship Coordinator
    (513) 312-6679

    The unveiling of the Tuskegee University Engineering Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Wall in 2012. 
    The second picture is Paul Jones-Endowed Scholarship Coordinator and Karen Bryant.
    The third picture are members of the Engineering School Staff, students and members of the TUEAA.